znc IRC Bouncer Source RPMs

Source RPMs can be used to compile the znc IRC bouncer RPM packages on distributions or architectures currently not covered by the repositories on this website.

To compile znc and create neat RPM packages, simply download a SRPM from below and run the following command on it:
rpmbuild --rebuild <source rpm file>
If everything runs fine, you will find the filenames of your newly created RPM packages at the end of rpmbuild's output.

All dependencies required for building should be claimed to instruct you which packages to install (if necessary) to compile successfully. But if compilation fails complaining something about libperl, your distribution may feature hived-off Perl development packages – try installing the package perl-devel. If rpmbuild is not found, you may need to install the package rpm-build.

znc 0.052-4.cru – An advanced IRC bouncer

Download: znc-0.052-4.cru.src.rpm

ZNC is an IRC bounce with many advanced features like detaching,
multiple users, per channel playback buffer, SSL, IPv6, transparent
DCC bouncing, Perl and C++ module support to name a few.

Available rebuild switches:
  --without ssl    Build without support for SSL encryption.
  --without sasl   Build without Cyrus SASL authentication module.
  --without perl   Build without Perl scripting module.
  --without ipv6   Build without IPv6 connection support.
  --with debug     Build debugging binaries.


Patches and RPM spec documents ©2007 Veit Wahlich <cru [at] zodia [dot] de>.
Patches released as free (libre) software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
The author disclaims responsibility of any damage or harm caused directly or indirectly by usage of this software. Use only at your own risk.