ed2k://urlslave - ed2k URL integration for GNOME

Original ed2k://urlslave for ed2k_GUI, offering simple click-and-queue functionality to applications running on the GNOME desktop.


As ed2k://urlslaves are Gtk-Perl applications you will need to install Gtk-Perl on your system if it is not already installed. You can download Gtk-Perl source distributions from gtkperl.org or CPAN, searching Gtk-Perl. Or simply install a binary distribution. Possibly RPMfind will help you finding a packaged (binary) distribution for your system. Search for gtk-perl and perl-gtk.


Setting up ed2k_urlslave for ed2k_GUI and GNOME:

  1. Copy (as root) ed2k_urlslave to a place in $PATH, I suggest /usr/local/bin
  2. Start gnomecc and open the URL handler capplet
  3. Fill 'ed2k' into the protocol field and 'ed2k_urlslave "%s"' to the handler field
  4. Hit 'set' to add the new protocol handler to the list
  5. Take any GNOME program (e.g. Galeon) and click some ed2k:// URLs ;)


ed2k://urlslave for ed2k_GUI ©2001,2002 Veit Wahlich <cru [at] zodia [dot] de>, released as free (libre) software under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.
The author disclaims responsibility of any damage or harm caused directly or indirectly by usage of this software. Use only at your own risk.


The following releases are available: