Eazel-Cru - A Gradient Theme for GTK+ 1.2

Eazel-Cru is a theme/skin for GTK+ 1.2 / GNOME 1.x based on the Eazel-blue theme by Bart Dorsey <echo [at] thebucket [dot] org>, derived from the Eazel theme by Arlo Rose <arlo [at] eazel [dot] com> and Josh Barrow <linuxfan [at] ionet [dot] net>. It adds gradient menus and new font definitions to Eazel-blue as well as new widget colors for better readability and contrast, especially in conjunction with Ximian Evolution.
Here you will also find a version of Eazel-Cru especially for usage with GdkXft for smoothed fonts within many GTK 1.2 widgets. It provides urw truetype fonts to widgets that look well using GdkXft but offering the adobe variation to all others, thus disabling GdkXft for them.


Requires GTK+ 1.2 and/or GNOME 1.x. Do not try to use Eazel-Cru with GTK+ 2 or GNOME 2, believe me it is not fun.
GdkXft is required for the GdkXft version, offering nice anti-aliased fonts.
See screenshot for my GdkXft-enabled GNOME 1.4 desktop with Eazel-Cru below.


This is my GNOME 1.4 desktop, the background image has been removed for smaller image size. I am using Eazel-Cru.gdkxft GTK+ theme and the Pipes theme for sawfish. If you also like the bash prompt theme you can find it here: fancybash.


Eazel-Cru and Eazel-Cru for GdkXft ©2002 Veit Wahlich <cru [at] zodia [dot] de>, released as free (libre) software under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.
The author disclaims responsibility of any damage or harm caused directly or indirectly by usage of this software. Use only at your own risk.


The following releases are available: