ed2k://urlslave - ed2k URL integration for GNOME

ed2k://urlslaves are two little GTK+ enabled Perl companions to ease the process of adding files to the download queue using ed2k:// links. It was designed for better ed2k:// URL handling within GNOME (especially Galeon) but might be used for other purposes. One is companion to the original eDonkey and the ed2k GUI, the other is direct companion to the alternative, Un*x native mlDonkey project.


2004-01-09 GTK+2 and updated mldonkey interface!
Paul Wilhelm Elsinghorst <paul [at] uni-bonn [dot] de> sent 2 patches, one features GTK+2 bindings for mlurlslave, the other makes mldonkey 2.5-4 work better with mlurlslave. The patches have been verified. The GTK+2 patch is now included in mlurlslave 1.1.

2002-06-28: ed2k://urlslave for mlDonkey!
Although ed2k://urlslave for mldonkey (aka mlurlslave) is ready for more than 3 months now, it was not for public download as I simply had no time to place it here and write some documentation. I am very sorry for that - but at least I might tell you now it has been tested intensively before release. There were 17 persons testing the new urlslave and as I received positive reports only, I am glad so many people like using such a simple tool. That is why it offers much more functionaltiy compared with the stupidly URL adding original ed2k://urlslave.

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